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idoo Video Cutter
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idoo Video cutter is a professional video editing software with clear interface and user-friendly operation. Its powerful and comprehensive function would bring you high-quality and efficient work experience, as well as perfect audio-visual enjoyment. Cutter: idoo Video Editor can cut the video and audio individually or in batch, and enables you advanced settings while output the files. your video clearer, fuller and more beautiful. How to cut a video ? add video subtitles The following guide will show you how to cut video with three cutter modes, Easy Cutter, Batch Cutter and Advanced Cutter. Easy Cutter add video subtitles After you adding video to program to cut, you will see above program interface, you can select one cutter mode of the three. 1.1. Drag two scissors icon to set beginning and ending scene. 1.2. Click start time button and end time to cut video when preview 1.3. Or enter Start time and End time to get the clip 1.4. Click cut button to cut video. 1.5. Reset, if previous cut does not meet your need. 1.6. Copy, modify, delete video clips you cut as your wish Note : Preview the video and take a screen shot is also available. Cut one video to several video clips. Batch Cutter add video subtitles 2.1. Drag two scissors icon to set beginning and ending scene. 2.2. Click start time button and end time to cut video when preview 2.3. Or enter Start time and End time to get the clip 2.4. Reset, if previous cut does not meet your need. 2.5. Apply to all to make all the videos you add with the duration and time. Note : Note: you can also set different duration for different video clip
Publisher: idooEditor,Inc See screenshot
Requirements: CPU,HARDDISK,
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