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Here you can submit your PC game to the TerraGame collection. By submitting game you also obtain internet game promotion, that improves your common game position in the internet market. See more dateils in Recommendation section below.
Please read an important conditions before submitting your game.
 We accept:
• commercial and shareware products only, no free one allowed. Your game should have price!
• PC games only
 We do not accept:
• products with any kind of adult content
• duplicated listings
• the higher affiliate fee is the better internet promotion for this game we'll apply. Use affiliate fee >30% to achieve essential marketing results
• use custom demo versions to host them at our site

PAD File

After PAD-file upload check next section for correct data and fill in remaining fields manually.

Game Title
Type of game
Price, $
File Size (Mb)
Screenshot URL
Download url
Order url
System requirements
Description (45 chars)
Description (80 chars)
Description (250 chars)
Description (450 chars)
Description (2000 chars)
Company URL
Contact e-mail
Additional comments
Affiliate fee proposed, %
Check this box if custom game build is available for affiliate purposes

We'll consider your submission and send notification letter about results. Usually it takes about 1 working day to list your game online.

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