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NTBackup File Repair
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Rate: 30% Price: $8900  Buy NTBackup File Repair now  More about NTBackup File Repair
NTBackup File Repair Utility is the professional way to recover, repair and restore corrupted BKF file data. There are many possible reasons due to which a backup file may get corrupt or damaged and to overcome those issues, it is required to repair BKF file. The best way of doing this is BKF repair software. In case NTBackup exe given warning like: unable to open “Drive:DocumentsandSettingsAllUsersApplicationDataMicrosoftNetworkDownloaderqmgr1.dat -skipped”, in such type problem you should need BKF Repair Software is the globally repair utility to repair corrupted BKF file. Any windows backup file may get damaged due to reasons like: CRC errors, media error, virus infection; which makes a BKF file inaccessible. Through NTBackup file Repair Tool it is possible to repair the same backup file and then protect it from the corruption. Users can free download and view the corrupted BKF file recovery using the demo version. If you are satisfied with our demo version and want to save recovered BKF file then purchase full version of BKF Repair Software which is available nominal price at $89. For further enquiry or assistance contact our technical support team 24x7 hours for free assistance.
Publisher: NTBackup File Repair See screenshot
Requirements: Pentium II 400 MHz, 64 MB RAM, Minimum 10 MB Space
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